Want to recruit an apprentice?

The Apprenticeship Team works closely with employers, assisting them with the recruitment, selection and training of individuals Nationwide.

Advertising a Vacancy

The Apprenticeship Team will work with you to recruit, select and provide training for your apprentice.

We will advertise your vacancy with a range of support from:

  • Apprenticeship vacancies online
  • Connexions Centres
  • Job Centre Plus
  • At Telford College and on our website
  • In the local community
  • Careers/skills events

If you are interested in finding out more about recruiting an apprentice you can contact us through our;

Want to develop an existing employee?

Telford College offers Apprenticeships for existing employees aged 16+ in many different sector areas enabling your workforce to gain nationally recognized qualifications through the programme.

As a provider we work in partnership with employers just like you, to help develop the skills and knowledge of your existing employees. In return this will help meet the needs of your business, improve performance, increase productivity and help to avoid skills gaps in the future. If you are an employer wanting to provide individuals with an apprenticeship opportunity within your organisation.

  • Contact us on : 01952 642452