Governance Training Materials

Welcome to the Governance Training Materials. These self study modules have been put together by the Excellence Gateway (LSIS) and are intended as self study modules.

Who are the materials for?

These materials are aimed at new and experienced governors, clerks and chairs of further education institutions.

Good governance is essential for the smooth running of a further education and skills provider and the skills and expertise of governors add significant value to the quality of governance. Professional development helps to enhance the skills and expertise that are integral to the role.

Using the modules flexibly to develop your knowledge and skills in key areas will help you to play a full part in the work of your governing body with confidence and purpose.

Aims of the materials

The materials are designed to help and support governors, chairs and clerks, and increase the effectiveness of governing bodies. The specific aims are to:

  • Improve your knowledge of the ethical and legal framework within which governing bodies must work.
  • Develop your ability to focus on strategic questions and use inquiry skills.
  • Increase your skills in managing working relationships.
  • Develop your expertise in managing the process of governance.
  • Provide easy-to-use learning materials that you can work through in your own time and at your own pace.
  • Provide you with an opportunity to dip in and out of the modules to gain background information and develop your knowledge.

The self-study modules

The materials consists of 12 modules which are designed to give you a thorough overview of your responsibilities as a governor or clerk.

Each module is broken up into short sections, to make it easier to learn in short chunks of time and consists of:

  • A short introduction, which includes aims, a list of contents and a list of documents you will need to complete the self-study activities.
  • Topic sections which contain information, discussion, case studies or checklists and activities to help you think about how you can apply your learning to your own college.
  • A module review which includes a reminder of the aims, summary of key learning points and general guidance on action planning.

Study Modules (PDF downloads)