Care Leavers and Children in Care

College can be a bit daunting for any new learner, getting used to a new environment, new routine and meeting new people all at once. If you are a Child in Care or Care Leaver there may be additional challenges too.

At Telford College of Arts & Technology all our staff are trained to help meet your needs in a sensitive and confidential manner. We want you to succeed on your chosen course and help you with the next step, whether itโ€™s work, an apprenticeship or higher education.


Care Leavers and Children in Care

We offer:

  • A dedicated CIC/CL contact who will offer individual support throughout your time at TCAT
  • Guidance and practical advice to help you settle in college
  • A guaranteed Bursary paid weekly
  • Help with transport, equipment and trips.

Terri Jones is responsible for ensuring you are provided with the support and help you need to succeed on your course and beyond. Terri will:-

  • Act as a link between you and your Social Worker/ Foster Carers
  • Meet with you before you start college to arrange early visits to support transition
  • Link with your tutors
  • Support YOU and offer advice and guidance on a variety of issues.
  • Signpost for further support if required
  • Attend external meetings to support YOU as a Telford college Learner

Terri is based in Learner services and has a meeting room in E023 should you want to have a chat with her. You can also contact Terri by email at or by telephone on 01952 642448