SEN and Additional Learning Support

Additional Learning Support is provided at Telford College to meet the needs of a diverse cohort of learners with a wide range of learning difficulties and disabilities.

Support is provided across all curriculum areas at all levels to help all students make the most of their time at college and enjoy and succeed on their chosen course.

Support is given to learners who may need extra help because they have a learning difficulty or disability, difficulty managing their behaviour, mental health issues or have personal or family problems.

We also offer support for study skills including literacy and numeracy through drop in sessions in the Learner Centre Plus. Our large team of Senior Support Practitioners including learning support assessors/ health coordinators and Learning Support Assistants are experienced and highly trained in all areas of disability and support. The support team are on hand to help learners with personal care, mobility and at meal times as required.

Support staff welcomes learners into college at the start of the day and see them safely on their way at the end of each day. They provide support for day trips and residential trips and help learners make the most of the college experience by attending lunchtime clubs and activities.


The aim of learning support is to raise expectations and enable our learners to achieve their potential. Staff always promote independence by giving the learners greater choice and control, and in this way preparing them for adulthood, independent living and employment

We can offer

  • Dyslexia and dyscalculia screening and support.
  • Support for learners with medical conditions
  • Support for learners with mental health conditions,
  • Support for learners with mobility problems and Dyspraxia/Developmental Coordination Disorder.
  • Support for learners with Asperger’s syndrome or ASD
  • Support for visually impaired/blind learners.
  • Support for hearing impaired/deaf learners
  • Support with emotional behavioural issues.
  • Support for Learners with Profound, complex difficulties.
  • Support for Learners with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) or Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)
  • Support for learners with Moderate Learning Difficulties
  • Technological support – specialist software, assistive technology, visual aids, hearing loops etc.
  • Exam arrangements and concessions.


We have developed an extensive resource base of support equipment and assistive technology which allows our students to be independent learners building their confidence and raising their self-esteem. This includes:

  • Laptops
  • Dictaphones
  • iPads
  • Voice recognition software
  • Different mice and keyboards to accommodate difficulties with motor skills, fine motor movement
  • I Zoom and Zoom Text software for those with a Visual Impairment
  • Hearing Loops
  • Magnifiers
  • Adjustable tables
  • Touch screen monitors
  • Eye gaze software

If you feel that you may need support or would like to discuss any additional learning needs that you may have, you should contact us as soon as possible.

OFSTED comments from inspection in May 2016
(see download on this OFSTED site page)

Learners in receipt of high-needs funding and those who need specialist support make very good progress; Learners with additional needs perform as well as their peers . Staff keep support arrangements under review and they encourage learners to become more independent. As a result many learners improve their independence and reduce their reliance on support as they progress through their programmes; learners with complex additional needs receive good support from staff to gain greater self-confidence and develop, to a high standard, the skills they needs for independent living


Disability Statement

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