Students' Voice at TCAT

At TCAT we believe that it is very important that our students contribute their views to the college. We do this through learner voice activity, giving you the opportunity to identify what you think about the college and also those areas which you think we can improve on.  You  have different ways to have your  say:

Students' Council 

TCAT works with the Students' Council, as our main method of communicating with students.

Meet the Executive Leadership team 

The Students’ Council has the chance to put questions to the college’s Executive Team once a term.

Class Reps

Each student group has a Class Rep, who can pass on your views to Heads of Schools and also the opportunity to attend Learner Conference each year.

Meet your head

You  will have the opportunity to meet you Head of School 3 times a year.


You can speak with your tutors and enrichment coordinators at any time about any concerns you have.

Student surveys

You can participate in on-line questionnaires about your experience at the college.



 Our students have said in induction survey 2016:

Percentages of responses in Autumn induction survey that were very satisfied and satisfied.


Percentages of responses in Autumn Induction survey 2016 that were very satisfied and satisfied


Are you satisfied that you know where to access support for safeguarding, bullying and harassment?


Are you satisfied that you would recommend a friend to Telford college?


Are you satisfied with how helpful and friendly the staffs are towards you?


Are you satisfied with the counselling/mentoring service (CASA) we offer?


Are you satisfied with where you can get careers advice in the college?


How satisfied are you that Telford College is a safe place to be?


How satisfied ae you with advice given about the importance of Maths and English qualification?




How satisfied are you with the advice and guidance you receive for the course you are attending?


How satisfied are you with the information you have received about grants and travel?


How satisfied are you with the safeguarding workshop in induction?


How satisfied do you feel with your transition from school to college (only answered if applicable)


How satisfied were you with college induction?


How satisfied were you with the application process?


How satisfied were you with the interview process?


How satisfied with the Prevent (radicalisation and extremism) workshop?