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Consultation begins as governors back merger proposals

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Telford College of Arts and Technology (TCAT)

Area reviews, have prompted TCAT and NCT to look into proposals to mutually benefit the two organisations.

The governing bodies from both organisations have now begun merger plans, which will see the two colleges combine.

The merger will create a strong institution delivering high quality education and skills training for learners, employers and the local community.

A formal consultation process ran from March 21st 2017 to April 21st 2017, with a view to the merger being completed on August 1.

The proposal to start negotiations was unanimously agreed by TCAT and NCT at meetings with the respective boards of governors, and then by the Shadow Board. 

Employees at both colleges have been informed, and further education commissioner, Richard Atkins CBE, was sent a formal request by both organisations to support the merger.

The aim of TCAT and NCT is to support students and provide them with the knowledge and skills to fulfil their potential.

A merger will deliver this by improving the financial security of the newly formed college to provide excellent teaching and learning, the best facilities and extracurricular opportunities on a single site by the start of 2018/19. 

The merger will increase the capacity to work with employers in the Telford and Wrekin area and will support the needs of local businesses and the community.

It is proposed that the corporation (governing body) of New College Telford will dissolve, and a new board be put in its place to govern both organisations.

It is intended that the newly-merged organisation will be renamed as ‘Telford College’.

Ian Clinton, TCAT representative said: “We have taken the initiative to implement the recommendations of the work of the area-based reviews to propose the merger with NCT.”  

“The merger will provide more opportunities for students and employers to meet the need for higher level skills in the Telford and Wrekin area.” 

“We’ve had positive initial discussions and recognise this is an excellent opportunity for us to maximise the benefits to students and employers through combining the capabilities of both colleges on a single site, with additional capital investment.”

Martin Smith, NCT representative added: “We have a fantastic opportunity to combine our expertise, practices and knowledge with TCAT on a single site and develop a larger, stronger college.” 

“The merger will provide the long-term security of the college and ensures we are giving our students the best chance to achieve.”

Dissolution of the Corporation of New College Telford is proposed in order that it may merge with Telford College of Arts and Technology. The merger will create a strong institution delivering high quality education and skills training for learners and employers.

The Corporation of Telford College of Arts and Technology is separately proposing to the Secretary of State a change of name for the Corporation to Telford College on 1 August 2017.

The consultation period closed on 21st April 2017. We thank you for all responses and a summary of the consultation and its outcome will be published 7th June 2017, this  will be available free of charge.


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